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About Us

W. L. Seymour has been working with our partners to provide the professional property management our clients demand with the personal touch they deserve. Our chairman, William Seymour Sr., founded the company with the goal to be the best by following one rule—“put our customers first”. This simple philosophy has allowed us to grow and thrive for more than 35 years, and continues to be our focus today.


We believe you can’t manage properties effectively from behind a desk. Our staff frequently visits each location so we can understand exactly what needs to be addressed. This also allows us to actually get to know our customers beyond a voice on the phone or email message.  This hands-on approach requires a little extra effort, but it’s this attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.


Customized Services


Whether you just need us to take care of your accounting function or the complete range of property management services, W.L. Seymour will deliver the results you should expect. After nearly four decades in business we’ve seen it all and are prepared to meet any challenge you need addressed.


In addition to our experienced office staff and property managers, we work with almost 100 vendors and contractors to efficiently resolve every client request. We have a core group of vendors with a history of quality service and competitive pricing that we will recommend when appropriate, but we never forget that we work as your agent and always look to provide you multiple options to consider and approve.


And of course, if any property owner needs a referral for work that is not covered by the association, we’re happy to provide alternatives for their consideration. 


Expanding To Serve You Better


As our operations grow we continue to adapt to ensure our service level improves for all of our properties.


Installation of our new state of the art SeyTrack tracking system is now complete. This software provides our property managers and support staff at all our locations an up to the minute status on every open service request, general inquiry and pending property sale. This results in improved service for our owners and better record keeping for our associations.


In 2009 we’ve also launched an in-house maintenance division. Since many of our customer calls are minor service requests (i.e. broken light fixture, small electrical repair, power washing, basic plumbing, etc.) we’re able to be more responsive and cost effective handling these requests directly.


We’re also constantly looking to improve communications with all owners. While our first point of contact is with the board, there are times you need to quickly notify all owners.


Our Emergency Notification System (ENS) is now available for use by all our properties. This tool allows us to send an automated phone message to all owners in a matter of minutes so we can keep everyone informed in case of emergency or unexpected work that needs to be announced on short notices. We will also be happy to create a customized website for your association to provide one more way owners can quickly find information critical to them.


Experience At Every Level


While W.L. Seymour may not be the biggest property management company on the block, we understand what our customers expect and have the experience to exceed your expectations. As a family owned company we’re able to focus on the customer and offer our clients a consistent level of service. We have the luxury of approaching our business with a long-term view rather than focusing on quarterly earnings which can negatively influence how some companies make decisions.


We’ve taken our time growing the business to ensure we keep tight control of all our operations and avoid the constant turnover that is common in this industry. We don’t just hire any body to manage our properties. We find the right people to work for and with our clients so you’ll have the confidence your question or issue will be addressed quickly and to your satisfaction.


Our attention to details, hands-on management style, and proactive approach is what makes an investment in our services worth your consideration.